About Cool Noosa
Noosa . A location in the southeast corner of Queensland , Australia . It began for some back in the 1920's , as a coastal get away , a little hamlet beside a river teaming with fish and a right hand surf break like no other .
Here we are now in 2019 and the Noosa region is a cool place to call home . It staunchly defends its low rise development and rich biosphere of flora and fauna . And much , much more .
The Unapproachable Legend Lives On........
Written by Roger Paulson on Dec. 10th. 2019
NORTON . The most successful name in motorcycle racing ever . Winning its first race , on the Isle Of Man , in the senior TT ( Tourist Trophy ) back in 1907 .
James Lansdowne Norton started the Norton manufacturing company making parts for cycles . pushies !
Although the first winning motorcycle had a twin cylinder Peugeot engine in it the very first Nortons built in 1902 had  Belgian Clement engines .
1909 saw Norton produce a range of six models for sale , four of which had Norton built engines .
2019 and after more than a hundred years of manufacture and exported/travelled all over the world , the name lives on......
Salvaged Timber......
Written by Roger Paulson on Nov.31st. 2019
Breathing life into unloved timber is detrimental for the survival of the remaining forests still standing and the health of the planet .
It is time to recycle timber the same way concrete and bricks get sent off to be broken down and reappear as material in the construction industry again .
Organic waste gets to become compost for the healthy gardens and landscaping material where water is in a restrictive state .
While timber in all forms , from rafters in old buildings making way for progress to furniture that is no longer wanted , that was made from species that are no longer available . 
The planet is suffering from exposed landscapes a casualty of sustained land clearing that has turned once fertile lands into barren , dusty and unforgiving land.
See food and eat it.....
Written by Roger Paulson on Nov.24th. 2019        
BUT only if it is good for you . With the right balance of protein and carbohydrates most people will benefit , with exercise added to the mix like walking for example .
Lets go back in time , to our ancestors , the hunters and gatherers who had good strong bones and little evidence of dietary disorders associated with modern high carbohydrate foods .
Take the traditional Eskimos and look at there diet , very high in meat , fish high in the good oil and water . They were healthy , they were slim and free of heart disease and diabetes .
Protein and carbohydrates are there to mix and match . Find out what works for you . As they say Different Strokes For Different Folks .
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